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Evaluation procedure
Organisational trust and commitment

Quality of lessons

You will find below an extract from an evaluation in the sector of vocational training and education. The new subject of instruction, nanotechnology had to be developed both with regard to content as well as to the method of teaching, and pilot training sequences had to be built up.

The evaluation also pursued the objective of preparing comprehensible statements concerning the quality of the instruction units developed.

The following table shows a part of the presentation of the results with regard to the quality of the lessons (321 vocational students questioned):

Profile of strengths/weaknesses of the instruction units in nanotechnology
Source: Rupf, M., Vonlanthen, M. (2005). Nanotechnology in vocational training and education. SIBP series of reports. SIBP Zollikofen

If you are interested in the survey instrument applied, please click on the written questionnaire in PDF format nanotechnology questionnaire.